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We create customized media plans driven by your unique business objectives and the consumer journey. We recommend the types of media, platforms, ad sizes and executions, as well as the KPIs we monitor and optimize against.


Would you follow you? Undisputedly, social media is almost always a key part of every media plan and we are up to date on all the latest trends. We’re seasoned social specialists and strategists, we know how to craft custom social media strategies with a sharp eye on your core KPIs. We’re your partner for organic, paid social, campaign management, social listening/moderation, community management, and even creative development, if needed.


We’re up to date on all the shiny new ways to get messaging in front of the right people. Our crew selects the best platform to maximize engagement and provides the necessary planning, buying, analytics, and audience insights. As for programmatic? You can be sure we never just “set it and forget it."


Research shows that integrated plans perform more effectively. With decades of experience in traditional, digital and social media, we know how digital complements TV and how experiential can further bring your message to life. We’re confident that along their decision-making journey, your consumers will engage with, react and respond to your messaging, wherever they are.


Your funds are our funds. We strive for efficiency and efficacy—honing in on the most cost-effective media placements to meet your business needs. Our experts have decades of experience in the traditional, digital and social world, relying on close networks for better rates, tailored added value and flawless execution. We believe in transparency, which is why we work hard for timely and accurate reconciliation post-buy.


We strategize and implement solutions across a variety of industries and leading e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce. We also provide SEO and social media recommendations to fully support e-commerce for conversions, engagement and brand awareness, built to profitably scale based on success.


Data will tell you the story, if you know what to look for. We pay close attention on a daily basis to what the data is saying and work hard to mine the insights. That’s what distinguishes us from those other media agencies. We won’t just send you numbers. We highlight key insights that allow you to make better business decisions and incorporate learnings into future campaigns.


Wild postings, projection mapping, guerilla marketing, interactive monitors or flash mobs—if it makes sense for your brand and business, we can bring it to life for your media plan. Our approach is turnkey, so you won’t lose time in connecting the dots or getting people on the same page. At Exclamation Media, we work hard to make your experiential efforts as seamless as possible.


Our goal is to pivot your potential consumers into real consumers. To help drive them to your site, we focus on search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), and the overall website design and messaging. 


Even in today’s digital era, e-mail remains as one of the most meaningful, engaging and cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses (especially when e-commerce is involved). Our crew of experts can produce, manage, deploy and monitor your email campaigns for maximum impact.


Utilizing a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research tools guides our planning process while allowing us to make critical adjustments to keep us on track. This research also helps us make operational adjustments to course-correct over the life of each campaign.

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